Problem Set #10

Dr. Foldvary

Inequality question. 10 pts.

Which distribution of income or wealth is more unequal?:


You only need to use one method.

If you use a Lorenz curve, draw both countries on the same graph.

1: In Lower Slobovia, there are six people. One person owns 50% of the wealth and five people each own 10% of the wealth. The distribution is: (50%,10%,10%,10%,10%,10%).

2: In Upper Slobavaland, there are also six people. Two each own 40% of the wealth, one owns 20%, and the other three own no wealth. The distribution is: (40%,40%,20%,0%,0%,0%).

Which country has a more UNEQUAL distribution of wealth, Lower Slobovia or Upper Slobavaland?

Zero credit will be given if you have the wrong answer and don't show how you got it.