Term paper guidelines

Note: these are guidelines, not requirements. You don't need to include all these, but what you think are the most important ones. Some data will need to be estimated. If people don't wish to reveal private information, then you may estimate the numbers.


What kind of government does your community have?

E.g. homeowner's association, SCU and dorm administration

Room mates: rules, common finances: how decided?

GDP - income and output

a) income from all sources

Loans, transfers (including gifts)

Production: rent, wages, capital goods

(landlords get all three)

Labor: how many hours per year, what is the wage level and human-capital premium?

Taxes: income, sales, property

How much is the land-value tax, and the percent of land rent taxed.

How much is savings?


consumption and consumer goods

investment: savings accounts, money market, stocks, bonds (if known)

How much cash, total and per-capita

What is the velocity of the money, per year?

Does income equal spending?

If not, what is the difference, and why?

Distribution of income.

By categories: age, work status, etc.

How unequal? Why?

Foreign trade

What is exported?

What is imported

Current account, capital account

Is the balance of payments zero?

If not, why not?

Balance sheet - assets and liabilities

Assets: land value, capital goods, funds, bonds

Liabilities: debts

Assets - liabilities = net worth

How much net worth?

Is there unemployment? If so, why?

Are there fluctuations in income and output? (Seasonal?) Explain.

How would this economy be different in a pure free market, with no taxes on wages, capital, or sales.

(There could be user fees, fines, and taxes on land rent.)

Anything else that you wish to add.

Is your case study consistent with macroeconomic theory?

If not, how is it different?

What are the main things you learned?

What were the problems or troubles you encountered, if any.

Did you enjoy the project?