Here's an example from regarding the minimum wage.

In Solano County there used to be hundreds of summer jobs picking fruit,
and cutting it for dehydration - peaches and apricots primarily.

We were paid by piece rates. If you worked diligently, you made good
money. If you goofed off, you got paid accordingly. High school students
have something to do - could earn money, and had a positive way to

There were thousands of acres in apricot orchards.

In the early 1960's the legislature decided to "protect" us by applying
minimum wage to agricultural work.

All the jobs IMMEDIATELY disappeared, and have never come back. The
farmers couldn't afford to pay for goof offs - so everyone lost.

Instead they mechanized or shipped the fruit for other kinds of processing \

(i.e. canned, jams, preserves, etc.)

Gradually they ripped out the trees and planted other crops. Today there
are less than 200 acres in apricots in the county. And jobs for teens are
hard to find.

If you try to find dried apricots today, you won't find any from
California. Most are from Turkey.

Lost jobs, lost production, and imports instead of exports - all thanks to
being "protected" by minimum wage laws.

No thanks for the help!