Econ 205 public policy, Foldvary

Written assignment 1, 20 pts. (2%), due Feb. 6, 2018

Analyze the efficiency and equity of partial secession,
the legal ability of residents to secede from a governmental service such as schooling, garbage collection, and streets.

The secession could be from a state or local government or both.

The substitution of private service for government service would be accompanied by tax substitution,
the replacement of the taxes that proportionally pay for the service, with private funding.

This would include the establishment of residential associations
that replace the neighborhood goods and services provided by government,
and may involve a secession from some laws such as zoning and building codes,
as well as a secession from behavioral laws such as the restriction of gambling.

Explain the economic feasibility of such secession
and the degree to which such a legal ability affects the efficiency and equity of the laws and taxes affected.