Public Finance

Dr. Fred Foldvary
Econ 127, Fall 2007
Dept. of Economics
Santa Clara University

The syllabus

Your scores as of Dec 8.

Final exam
essay questions to do at home.
study guide multiple-choice part, in class.

Last problem set, due Monday, Nov. 26.
Read the booklet handed out in class Wednesday,
Redevelopment: the Unknown Government
25 pts. Explain how the greater use of sales taxes by local government makes the deadweight loss from the sales tax much greater than indicated by the triangle deadweight loss.
25 pts. Explain "tax increment" public finance,
and the social costs of government-sponsored redevelopment.
Based on the reading, are there net gains or losses from such redevelopment?

Midterm 3 was to do at home and was due Monday.

In-class quiz, Nov. 2:
30 pts. PS 6: Is is possible to specifically tax corporate economic profit? Explain.
30 pts. Would the specific taxation of corporate economic profit have any negative impact on corporate decisions? Explain

problem set 5 due Friday Nov. 2

Term paper project specifications ,
They are due Nov. 14.

Please submit your paper as a computer file
either by tranfering it from a memory at class
or as an email attachment.

Social Security calculator
savings calculator
annuity calculator


Problem set 1, incidence
here CSI lec PS 2.

Problem set 3, demand revelation

Articles on the Green Tax Shift

Laffer Associates
Mankiw on a pollution tax.

Lecture on public Goods
Story on North Hollywood
Lecture Social choice - demand revelation

Lecture Wenzer, chapters 2-6
Lecture Wenzer, chapters 7-9
Lecture Wenzer, chapter 14

Lecture Holcombe 1
Lecture Holcombe 2
Lecture Holcombe 3

income tax rates

On Social Security
Gaffney's quantum leap
Lecture notes, US personal income tax code
Lecture Tax complexity
Lecture Budget process

Final exam: Wednesday, Dec. 5, 1:30 - 4:30 PM

tel: campus 408/554-6968 MWF
e-mail: [email protected]