Econ 13, Macroeconomics
Econ 13
Dr. Fred E. Foldvary

Santa Clara University, Summer Session I, 2005

For Monday, there are no Aplia problem sets.
The first midterm is on Monday, June 27.
Also read chapters 14-16.

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Lecture notes

Factors of production.

Mankiw, Chapt 8, Excess burden

Mankiw, Ch10, GDP

Mankiw, Ch11, indexing

Mankiw, Ch12, growth

Mankiw, Ch13, saving and investment

Mankiw, Ch14 finance

Mankiw, Ch15 Labor and unemployment

Mankiw, Ch16 money

Mankiw, Chapt 17

Mankiw, Chapt 18

Mankiw, Chapt 19

Mankiw, Chapt 20

Mankiw, Chapt 21

Mankiw, Chapts 22-23

Table: business cycle

Notes on classical macroeconomics:

cool Henry

Classical economics I
Classical economics II
Classical economics III

Foldvary's 10 Economic Thinkings

Term paper guidelines.

For the term paper,
how to look up property records

Future site: see your scores .

Final exam: July 21.