Dr. Fred E. Foldvary

Real Estate Economics

Econ 156, Spring 2006

Dept. of Economics
Santa Clara University

The syllabus

The final exam will be partly take home and partly in class.

Research paper specifications

Midterm 3 June 2 answers

Your scores as of June 12.
Note: multiply the midterms 1 and 4 scores by 6 for the points.

Book review specifications

Latest real estate news
S&P Case-Schiller (R) Metro Area Home Price Indices
contract details

Housing starts slow
Real estate prices fall
Homebuilder sentiment down

answer key, midterm 1

Problem sets

problem set 1.

Civ Soc lecture 1.

assignment due May 17.

Last problem sets

Lecture notes and papers

Land in U.S. history
Gaffney html or Gaffney pdf
Gaffney: downturns
on insurance
private communities
housing and affordability
cash flow
tax advantages
lecture 1
lecture 2
lecture 3
lecture 4
chaps 6-7
Chapts 11-12
Chapt 13
Chapt 14
Housing in Silicon Valley

on smart growth
Estimating land values
Housing in Silicon Valley
How much is rent?
Feder: Geo-economics
Active r.e. investment

web sites

Santa Clara data
mortgage map
NAHB-Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI)

On the real estate cycle

Cycle by Cagan (pdf)

The party's over?
no bubble?
Who is bearish?
Vanguard REIT Index (VGSIX)
R.E. short fund
house prices
Dow Real Estate Index
Cycle table
housing starts
1991 paper
journal article on Real Estate Cycle
Perspective column
R.E. Bubble
On business cycles

Buying and selling proeperties

online articles
by owners.com

R.E. Investing and speculating

DFA real estate
Duke Realty Corp.
list of partnerships
Boston Capital
Equity Office Properties Trust
low income housing tax credits
Cohen and Steers mutual fund
Fidelity real estate fund
Vanguard REIT index fund
how-to articles
real estate gurus or con artists?
articles by John Reed
land developers
forested real estate
Inrealty info
about REITs

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