Econ 2, Principles of Macroeconomics
Dr. Fred E. Foldvary

Santa Clara University, Summer 2008

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The economic simulation
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Final exam

Term paper specifications,

Video on taxes and the poor.

Recession? video.

Prof. Foldvary in a video interview
"What The Credit Crunch Means To You", video Part 2.

What you should know.

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Lecture notes and links
factors of production

chapter 8 costs of taxation
Excess burden in California
California taxes push enterprise out

chapter 10 GDP
Measuring the Economy
current GDP
percent change
GDP indexes
price level changes
index, Gross Domestic Purchases
GPI in Redefining Progress

chapter 11 cost of living
inflation data

chapter 12 growth
The free market rocks!
spread of economic freedom
chapter 12 practice test

chapter 13 savings
chapter 13 practice test

chapter 14 finance
chapter 14 practice test

chapter 15 umemployment
on the minimum wage
chapter 15 practice test

chapter 16 monetary
private dollars
payable in gold
gold coins

chapter 17 inflation
German inflation stamp
MZM and M2
MZM velocity
money growth
money definitions

U.S. international transactions

chapter 20 AD-AS, cycles
the real estate roller coaster
The real estate cycle
Foldvary's booklet Depression of 2008

chapter 21 cycles and economic magic
chapter 22 Phillips curve, debates

demand revelation

"Genuine Progress" description and details

reserve requirements

economic data

Final exam: Tuesday, Sept. 2