Law and Economics

Dr. Fred Foldvary
Econ 200, Spring 2016
Dept. of Economics, SJSU

The syllabus

Textbook web economic law

Term paper final draft is due May 5.

on common law


The Concise Encyclopedia of Economcs on Law and Economics

Law and Econ news
On the minimum wage.

California's perverse pseudo-environmental law
California's Emissions policy

video, the Holder in Due Course Blues

Law's Order David Friedman textbook.

law dictionary

Lecture notes

First week
week 1 ethics, secession
law and economics, encyclopedia
natural law ppt
the universal ethic
axioms of economics

Second week Law's Order 1-5

Third week Law's Order 6-intermezzo

Fourth week Law's chapt 10 property
Law's chapt 11 intellectual property
Patently Absurd

Fifth week
Law's 12 contracts
video, the Holder in Due Course Blues
Nutshell contracts
Law's 13 family

Sixth week
Law's chapt 14 torts
tort law
Nutshell torts
Harrison 7 setl
Law's chapt 15 crimes
Harrison 8 criminal
Law's chapt 18 torts vs crimes

Seventh and Eighth week
Read Friedman 16, 17, 19: anti-trust, other paths, common law
Law's ch16ant
Harrison anti-trust
anti-trust, google
common law

Ninth Week: Regulations


Stigler theory of regulation
Peltzman more general
10 thousand commandments
Crews pdf
ACA tax complexity (doc)
regulatory competition
rolling back
environmental law

Data on regulations
Mercatus center on regulations
Open Regs portal
Hoover Inst. Regulations
code of federal regulations
banking regulations
code of California regulations
Santa Clara county code

Niskanan on bureaucracy

Tenth week: deregulation, corporation law
has deregulation failed?
Cooler and Ulen notes
Regulations news
new regs
EPA rules
cost of benefits
the costberg

11th Week
damages, California
innocent improvers
Rule of Law
Law Merchant
Law Merchant and International Trade
Law Merchant, evolution
customary commercial law
Legal process and system
the legal process
C & U ch10
legal system

12th Week financial and real-estate law

SEC and financial law
contra Sarbanes
Cato's critique
Real estate law
Restrictions and takings
more on real estate
zoned out

Eminent domain
Imminently Eminent
Holdout Problem

13th week April 16

Law's disorder: victimless crime laws:
gambling, drugs, prostitution, censorship, public nudity, sexuality: harm versus offense.
Marriage and the state: same-sex, more than two persons, etc.

Unjust Laws
over criminalization
war on drugs public choice analysis
Notes on the notes
Origins of War on Drugs
Response to Fines
Unjust laws
traffic school
speed limits
Peter McWilliams martyred
sexual harassment

14th week April 23
Second midterm exam
who is a person?
on US currency
Read the Constitution of the United States
14th Amendment
Read the Constitution of California, articles I to III.
View the California Penal code
and the health and safety code .

15th week April 30
Bastiat The Law
Max Weber on Law
Qadi law
Regulation as a tax.
Harrison chapter 13. Tax policy, inheritance.
Final draft, term paper, due.
Student presentations of term papers.

16th week, May 7
Econ dept lecture 5:15 to 6:45 pm. Class meets at 7 pm.
Student presentations of term papers.
Schools of thought
curb rights

Laws on voting and governance
Campaign finance
Lopez, Deregulate the Regulators
Public Choice theory
cellular (small-group) democracy
Foldvary, Democracy needs reforming
Foldvary, Small Group democracy
Foldvary, Recalculating Consent
International law and economics.
new directions

Palgrave 1 pdf
Palgrave 2 pdf
Policy database Policy Bot
Mercatus center on regulations

Library resources

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