Public Policy

Dr. Fred Foldvary
Econ 205, Spring 2018
Dept. of Economics, SJSU

e-mail: [email protected]

The syllabus docx

Research projects are due in two stages.
They will be submitted to "turnitin" to maintain integrity.

Written assignments
WA01 due Feb. 6
WA02 due Feb. 20
WA03 due Feb. 27
WA04 due March 6 on Social Security.
WA05 due Mar. 13 water provision.
WA06 due Mar. 20 Econ poem.
WA07 due April 3
WA08 due April 17
WA09 due Tue Apr 24
WA10 due Tue May 1

Class schedule

First week Jan. 30: ethics, policy, governance, constitutions
natural law ppt
cellular democracy
constitutional economics

ethics, secession
public choice
Foldvary, Small Group democracy
Foldvary, Recalculating Consent

Second week Feb 6: Fiscal policy
Feb 6: Watch PBS show "The Gilded Age".
Research paper topic due
tax reform
Social Problems chs 16, 19
Joy of Freedom, ch 13,
Patriot's Toolbox, chs 8, 9
Voluntary City ch 15

Third week Feb 13: Energy, environment
the Green Tax Shift
endangered species
Patriot's Toolbox, ch 2
Joy of Freedom, ch 17

Fourth week Feb 20: discrimination, distribution of income
Discrimination: Joy of Freedom, chs 6, 7
chapter 6
chapter 7
labor discrimination

Distribution, inequality, poverty
Social Problems, chapter 8 That We All Might Be Rich
Joy of Freedom, chapter 9
The Crime of Poverty pdf

Fifth week Feb. 27: Social Security; Banking and financials
Joy of Freedom chapter 14
Soc Sec vs private
basic income
free-banking video
free-banking explained

Sixth week education, transportation, March 6
Patriot's Toolbox ch 3,4
Voluntary City, ch 10
congestion pricing
marginal-cost pricing

Seventh week, March 13: housing, community, war and peace
Voluntary City 2, 3, 11
The State

Eighth week, March 20, planning, governance, regulations
Voluntary City chs 12, 13
markets and planning
regulatory commandments
theory of regulations
Mercatus center on regulations
Open Regs portal
Micelli 7, regulations
cost of benefits
the costberg

Mar 27-30, spring break, Read America's Health Care Crisis, Solved.

Ninth week: April 3
drugs, victimless crimes, asset forfeiture,
war on drugs
Joy of Freedom, ch 4 in Word
Peter McWilliams
asset forfeiture
Unjust Laws

war on drugs public choice analysis
Notes on the notes
Origins of War on Drugs
Response to Fines
Unjust laws
Taxation by Citation
Peter McWilliams martyred
sexual harassment

10th Week April 10: trade, consumer protection
Midterm exam, April 10.
First draft, research paper, due, Apr 10.

guide to economically perplexed
consumer protection
Half-Life: Chapt 7

11th Week April 17, competition and monopoly
intellectual property
read chapter 16
key pionts
(Micelli 10 anti-trust)

12th Week April 24, labor and unemployment
Social Problems 13, 14
unemployment ppt
min wage

recessions and depressions

cycle ppt
Depression of 2008
Depression of 2026
Austrian-school cycle theory

13th week, May 1 Medical services
Final draft, research paper, due May 1.

America's Health Care Crisis Solved
Joy of Freedom chapter 15
Voluntary City, chapter 9
Patriot's Toolbox, chapter 1

14th week May 8
Student presentations of research projects.

Library resources

Final exam, May 22, 7:45 - 10 PM.
exam schedule