Public Finance

Dr. Fred Foldvary
Econ 232, Fall 2017
Dept. of Economics, SJSU

The syllabus

Anderson book Anderson book publisher web.


Public Goods and Private Communities

tax increases reduce GDP

Written assignments (subject to change):
written assignment 1 due Sept 11.
written assignment 2 due Sept. 18.
written assgmnt 3 due Sept. 25.
written assgmnt 4 due Oct. 2.
writ assgnmnt 5 dem rev due Oct. 9.
problem set 6 cost-benefit due Oct. 16.
written assignment 7 tax structure due Oct. 30.
writn asmt 8 tax shift due Nov. 6.
w.a. 9 equity due Nov. 13.
w.a. 10 corp tax due Nov. 20.
w.a. 11 national sales tax due Nov. 27.
w.a. 12 financing education due Dec 4.

Final drafts of term papers are due Dec 4.

On Dec. 11, students will present their papers to the class.

Lecture notes

burning man

Week 1, Incidence of taxation

Week 2
Economist magazine on taxation
Foldvary's Ultimate Tax Reform, public revenue from land rent.
Foldvary on geo-rent
Gaffney on Detroit
Prosper Australia on LVT (skim or read part)
Dye and England on LVT
Dwyer Austalia rent
tax in Estonia
lecture notes Land Value Taxation
Rent in Australia ppt or doc
video by student
The tax clawback video
land song lyrics small fonts
land song lyrics large fonts
"Save the land" song mp3
land tax web site
land tax MP3 download

Week 3, Anderson 1, 2
tax shifts

Week 4, Anderson 3, 4 (public goods, externalities)
Coase on The Lighthouse
Foldvary on Lighthouse as a Private-Sector Collective Good

Chapter 4 is on externalities. See also:
The Green Tax Shift
carbon taxes
cap and trade
Parry, Carbon Abatement
cost of regulations

Week 5, Anderson 5, 6 transfers, public choice.
spending problem
war on work
welfare reform
employer mandate
welfare spending
Demand revelation
Cowen, Rent Seeking

Week 6, Anderson 07 Cost-benefit
Anderson 08 Production of public goods. tax on no medical

Week 7, Anderson 09 Social Security
On Social Security

Anderson 10 structure of taxes
The quantum leap effect
Cruz business tax
Europe's fatal VAT

Week 8, Anderson 11, excess burdens.
Anderson 12, incentives
state business taxes
California's business exodus
Cowen, Rent Seeking
Poterba on public finance
Gaffney, Gains from untaxing
Heins Three sides Harberger
Tideman Avoidable Excess Burden
Stuart Welfare Costs

Week 9, Anderson 13 equity
Lambert on Principles of Taxation
taxes and the rich
The tax clawback video

Anderson 14 income tax
Taxman by Beatles video
Progressive tax
Income taxes corrupt
the income tax
US Tax rates
Calif. tax rates
the ibn Khaldun effect
Laffer and Khaldun

Week 10, Anderson 15 corp tax
territorial tax

Midterm exam.

Week 12 16 sales tax
17 property tax
sales tax political suicides
Sales Tax History
value added tax
Transient Occupancy tax
Poterba on Excise Taxes
Gaffney on Europe's VAT

IMF on taxing property

Week 13, Nov. 27 Anderson 18 budgets, deficits.
budget outlook
debt crisis
govt spending
Anderson 19 federalism

Week 14, Dec. 4
Anderson 20 local
Anderson 21 policy
The Henry George theorem
Article pdf on HGT
Economic Freedom
North America
US savings
Rent in Welfare

Week 15, Dec. 11
Final draft term papers are due.

last class prior to final exams.
Student presentations of their papers
Fred Foldvary, Public Goods and Private Communities. Chapters 3, 8, 10
Chapter 03 Territorial collective goods
Chapter 08 Private communities
Chapter 10 Land trusts, Arden
Macroeconomic policy; fiscal problems, crises, remedies.
tax shift
Heritage on Reducing Fed Spending
federal spending
cost of government
austerity policy

Final exam: Monday, December 18. 7:45 10:00 PM calendar

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