Introduction to Economics

Econ 5

Dr. Fred E. Foldvary

Santa Clara University

Telephone: office 408/554-6968
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Answer key, midterm 1.
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Chapt 1, ten principles

Chapt 1, ten principles with music!

Chapt 1, main definitions

Chapt 2, production, circular models

Chapt 2, models with music!

Chapt 2, Foldvary's economic way of thinking

Chapt 2, Foldvary's economic way of thinking with music!

Chapt 3, Exchange

Chapt 4, Supply and Demand

Chapt 5, Elasticity

Chapt 6, Interventions on Supply and Demand

Chapt 7, Production and consumption

Chapt 8, Excess burden of taxes

Chapt 9, Trade and social surplus

Chapt 10, Externalities

Chapt 11, Public Goods