Jody Nugent

Economics 2 / 8 AM

Professor Foldvary

March 12, 2007


            As Jonathan continued on his journey, quite shaken up by his previous experiences, he encountered a city where everyone seemed to be laying outside enjoying the sun. “WOW!” Jonathan thought, finally some people who seem to enjoy life. They all sat on towels with their eyes closed as though they were in deep concentration. Jonathan decided to take a break from his long adventure and join the gang.

            They were sitting very systematically in rows, almost as though they had arranged their order prior. They also had very tan skin, as though they had been sitting out for several weeks.

            As he approached he tried to reach for the gate, right as he was about to make contact he realized the gate was locked. The group of people, although making eye contact, made no attempt to let him onto their grassy field. He had had a long day and wanted nothing more than to lie down on the grass and enjoy the nice weather.

            Jonathan was befuddled. Why couldn’t he join?

            “Wow, that was a close one. Be on your way now.”

            “But I haven’t done anything. I just wanted to join in the fun.”

            “Oh no, you see this isn’t fun. Also, please don’t say that again they might hear. This is actually work. We are thinking about our next jobs. Maybe astronaut, philosopher, who knows. We are absorbing sun for inspiration. It is still during business hours, so if you don’t mind leaving our office…”


            The worker sighed. “Yes. We are working right now. Sorry if we were misleading.”

            “Wait, this is your work?”

            The guy was getting a little frustrated. “ Yes. In our city, if you are unemployed but looking for a job, we receive workers compensation, or money from our government. See if you come join us then it wont look like we are thinking about our next job, and then we wont receive our money.”

            “But how does the government make so much money to just hand out.”

            “Well us workers have come together and take turns working. Then about every two years we leave our work or get fired, whichever is easiest, and then get to take our allotted time of unemployment. As long as everyone else keeps working, its like everyone takes turns having a vacation.”

            “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this before. The government doesn’t catch on to this at all?” Jonathan asked.

            “Well, they do have officers that come around and check to make sure we are not having fun. Not even a giggle. I’m sure they know what happens, but sometimes even the policemen are in on the unemployment game. Also, the officials don’t feel so bad if they know they have been checking regularly. We might actually be recorded right now… uh oh..”

            Just as the villager finished his sentence, what looked like a policeman walked up to their conversation.

            “So what’s going on here, this conversation looked a little too cordial. You weren’t having fun were you?” The officer stated.

            “Oh no officer, this is actual a prospective employer. He is looking to hire people, but I am not a qualified long distance walker. Oh well, at least I’m still trying right!”

            “Impressive, keep up the good work! The thinking in the sun must really be helping!”

            “Of course it is!” the villager replied.

            “Have a nice day gentlemen!” The officer said as he left.

            “Phew that was a close one! Now will you please leave before you get me into any more trouble!” The villager said to Jonathan.

            Jonathan overcome by confusion nodded his head and walked away. He had never seen a government run like that. “Maybe there will be something more exciting that I can do in the city over,” Jonathan walked to the path on his way to the next city, at the same time remembering to look as though he was in deep thought, so that he would not get arrested.