The Free Earth Party

A Progressive Geolibertarian Political Party

Free Earth is a political party in the United States, founded in 1996. Membership is non-exclusive; you may belong to another political party and also the Free Earth Party.


1. Each individual owns the full right to one's wages, products, and exchanges, which shall not be subject to taxation.

2. All acts and only those acts which coercively and invasively harm others are prohibited, restricted or subject to restitution.

3. Community services shall be financed from user fees, pollution and congestion charges, the economic rent of natural resources, and the site values generated by civic services.

4. The national government shall defend the country against foreign attack, but not intervene into the affairs of other countries. The United States of America shall not initiate a war unless there is a declaration of war by Congress.

5. The Free Earth Party advocates a fundamental change in the voting structure to a bottom-up process. Residents vote only for local neighborhood councils. A group of these councils elect the next higher level council. This proceeds up to the highest level, the national council, which then elects the president. The representatives of a council are elected from the representatives of the next lower level. Any representative may be recalled at any time. Any council may secede from the next higher level council and create or join a new council of that level.

6. The immigration of nonharmful persons should not be restricted.

Contact: Fred Foldvary, President.