Fred Foldvary's publications

Geo-Rent: A Plea to public economists (2005)
in Econ Journal Watch

Policy Paper on Tax Reform (pdf)
and summary (pdf)(2006)

Santa Clara magazine, The Green Tax Shift

Markets Never Fail

The Science of Economics
... by chapters


Half-Life of Policy Rationales, Co-edited with Daniel Klein.

Foldvary's books by the The Gutenberg Press    (email to)

The Soul of Liberty, available from

The Depression of 2008, published July 2007

Public Goods and Private Communities     Locke Inst. reviews

Beyond Neoclassical Economics   description

Edward Elgar Publishing

Dictionary of Free-Market Economics

Dictionary book award

Edward Elgar Publishing

Fred's current editorial in The Progress Report

Syndicated columns in The Libertarian Perspective:
California's Real Estate Bubble

Fred's past editorials in Progress


Recalculating Consent (public choice, small group voting)


Geo-Austrian Business Cycle Theory
Ground Rent Seeking in US History

Measurement of Inequality, Concentration, and Diversification
Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan
Land Speculation
Liberty & Anarchy, U of Quebec

Natural Rights and Natural Resources (Free Exchange Forum, San Francisco, Dec. 18, 1999)

Real Estate and the Business Cycle

Small-Group, Multi-Level Democracy, 2002.

Urban Restoration via Public Finance

chapters in books:

"Heath: Estranged Georgist," American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 2004, vol. 63, issue 2, pages 411-431.

Virginia Tech working papers

Kiowchow, German colony in China

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