Brody Angley

Econ 12

Extra Credit

Foldvary 9:15 Class


Teenage Entrepreneur


Once in a small rural area there lived a young man who went by the name of Bradley. He was young, but wise beyond his years. He was well known in the area because his family ran a logging business. It was one of the more successful logging businesses of the many that were in the community. They were well known in the area for there diversity of products and satisfactory guarantees. Sure his family was well off and getting by just fine but like most young men Bradley sought for adventure and freedom. So he embarked on a journey that not even he knew would take him. All he had was courage and ambition.

            Before his departure he got his blessings from his family and close friends. “Father I wish to leave and start a new life and raise my own family.” “Son I know there’s no stopping you, you’ve always done what you put your mind to. Just promise me one thing you take what you’ve learned from here and apply it to whatever you do.” Not before long Bradley was on his way. He traveled for many days stopping at various logging communities seeking out proper supplies and utensils needed with what little money he had to begin work. Until he stumbled across a family of ducks the mother duck leading all her ducklings when he realized what he needed to do. A world of ideas began popping into his head. The next town he entered he took what little money he had, and told the clerk at the grocery store “where can I buy wood?”  The clerk said, “Down the road a ways you can find the Old’ Hickory Barn.” Bradley responded with much anticipation, “Why thank you so kindly sir.” Bradley ran down to the old barn where he was delighted to see a an old man on the porch ask him, “Well what can I do for you son?” Bradley answered out of breath, “My name is Bradley Finkle sir and this is your lucky day. I’ve got a proposition for you that will make your wood products company make more money than you’d ever dreamed of.” The old man answered as he chuckled, “And how do you think you can go about doing that?” “Well sir Bradley answered. “Do you mind if I sit down.” “No son, go right on ahead.” Bradley began his vision off by telling him about how he came across this glorious idea. He said, “well sir I left my home town in seek of adventure and freedom and to start a new life. While on my journey I encountered a family of ducks then it donned on me. A group of workers working on the same thing but in a line.” “One person doing one thing and then the other doing the next.” Creating a much quicker and more effective way of making wood products.” “You could get a wood order done in half the time.” The Old man looked at him in curiosity. Then asked him, “If I agree to this, what is in store for you?” Bradley smiled all twinkle eyed. “A full share of all your profit” he replied. The old man stood up walked toward Bradley stared at him for what seemed to be a century and smiled you got yourself a deal.

            The two went on to make bundles of money. Their idea brought them many customers and several expansion options. The town was expanding and so were they. They had branches that worked for them that sold similar products with little diversity. They were able to eliminate competition with their ability to get things done faster and more efficient than others and used the money they earned to buy the others out.