The Police Car

By Anon2

The police car was pulling up the driveway this Sunday morning around 4am. It is a rich neighborhood. Actually it is the house of the richest guy in the whole town. The industrialist and owner of the Xindows- Company, specialized in producing computer software. The place looked terrible, there was blood all over the place and Mr. Hates was lying dead on the ground. The newspapers were full of the story the next day and everybody was wondering who could have it done. He had several enemies, some of them were to find in the business sector as Hates acted hard against his competitors to become the entrepreneur he was.

†††††††† So inspector Dolombo now had to find out, who was the person that have murdered him. There were many people, who might have done it. The first person was his wife. He didnít take care of her very well and he cheated on her very often. But the contract of the marriage said that she wouldnít get anything from the money. So if she murdered him, she could get his money. But she was out of town during that time, so you could exclude her.

†††††††† The next person on the list was his former partner and co-inventor of the computer system. Both of them were working together years ago, until they decided that everybody should have their own company. So they divided the company into two parts and agreed that both of them would work in an oligopolystic way. They would keep the price at the same level they agreed at , and keep the production at the same level. So they could both maximize their profit, without taking the profit from the other. But this didnít work out very well as Hates changed his production level, forcing his partner to change it. This went on till his partner went bankrupt and Hates could establish a monopoly. Now he could set the price as high as he wanted to, what in fact he did and making a huge profit. His partner had to sell his house and life in a trailer. But would he be able to kill Hates. After talking to Mr. Commodore, Dolombo decided that it wasnít him. He hated Hates, but he was stopped that night by a cop, 25 miles away and there was no way he could have done it.

††† †††††So inspector Dolombo had to go down on his list. The next person was a guy who was trying to establish a company like Hates, and was in the growing period. He was aiming for the same customers as Mr. Hates, but would have had no chance to establish his company called Lynux. As Mr. Hates could easily drop his price to a level where he was selling his parts under the possible producing cost, so he would force his competition to suffer losses. As Mr. Hates had enough money to do this for a long time, every competitor would go broke before Mr. Hates. So Mr. Lynux was just producing at a small level that gave him enough to life, but didnít take the attention of Mr. Hates.

†††††††† No, Mr. Lynux wasnít the one. He was on vacation in Japan. But who else could have done it. If not his competition. Maybe Bill, the customer. He had to get the product from Hates so he could provide his service to his customers. He was really angry because the program Xindows was bad and too expensive for the use it was meant to be. Bill was running a suit against Hates, so he would be restricted to open his program to others, so they could add their software to his program without having trouble. But he lost it, and now he is broke.

After going to his apartment, Dolombo found bottles of whiskey and a totally drunk Bill was lying on the floor. He had a bloody knife in his hand, which was the weapon Hates was murdered with. So Dolombo arrested Bill, and then he asked him, why he murdered Hates. And Bill answered that he did it for everybody as he wanted to have perfect competition in this sector so it would be the greatest benefit to the society.