Keenan Iwamura


Extra Credit Assignment



Once upon a time in thirteenth century Japan there lived two powerful families.  The first family, the Sunahara family, owned and dominated the fishing imports and exports north of Matsuyama harbor.  The Sunahara family was very honorable, well educated, and were led by the merciful and beloved prince Koji.  The second family, the Harada family, was crafty and brutal.  They forged their empire around lies, deceit, and mistrust.  They owned all the fishing imports and exports south of Matsuyama harbor and were led by the beautiful but fearless princess Masami. 

The two families hated one another.  Territorial disputes and political disagreements were just some of the reasons why the two families hated each other.  As a result, wars, blood feuds, and attacks on one another became a daily ritual for the two families.  The Harada family kept on trying to take over the entire fishing industry as they knew that it would lead to vast amounts of capital.  With the profits they could buy anything and have enough power to take over everyone. 

Growing weary of fighting and stressing the economics he learned from one of his great teachers, Foldvaryhara, Koji decided to offer a peace settlement to Masami.  Although they had never met before Koji was determined to come to an agreement that would allow the fighting to stop and still maintain high profits.  So he sent his messenger to call upon Masami to meet with him in the beautiful blossom gardens on the neutral land of Osaka.        

After much convincing and begging from the messenger, Masami finally agreed to meet with Koji in the blossom garden in order to discuss a peace agreement.  As both of the royals stood there, formal introductions were made between Masami and Koji.  “It is my honor to finally meet you Koji.  The stories of your leadership and battles are told all throughout this land.” Masami says. “Your reputation also precedes you Masami.  Your beauty is unlike any other that I’ve seen in all my days.  You must have been forged by God himself.” Koji states.

As Koji spoke to Masami, “The reason why I’m here is that I grow weary of battle.  I want a truce between the two families where we can live in peace and still gain profit from our duopolies in the fish industry.  I propose that the two families split the quantity of fish produced and sold evenly.  In other words, profits will be split evenly.  Also, in order to maximize profits each family will produce and sell exactly 500 pounds of fish.  No more and no less than 500 pounds fish.  This way, each family will make ten million yen in profit and there won’t be any bickering on who is making more.”  Masami replied, “I agree.  I give you my word that the Harada family will hold up their end of the deal.”  Little did Koji know that Masami had a secret agenda. The dishonorable princess had no intention of holding up her end of the deal.  Having also taken economics from Foldvaryhara, Masami intended to produce 550 pounds of fish.  This way she can gain more profits at the expense of Koji who would only be producing 500 pounds of fish under the agreement.  As she thought to herself, I’ll only produce a little bit more than Koji and slowly build up the wealth of the family, for I should not get caught. 

            As the years passed, Koji and Masami grew quit close to one another.  Since peace was formally agreed upon the families all the bad blood between them had relinquished.  Eventually they fell in love and got married.  During these years, Koji still produced 500 pounds of fish while Masami was producing 550 pounds, slowly but surely building up the wealth of the Harada family.   

More years passed, and one day Masami turns to Koji and says.  “Koji Sunahara, I love you but your honor for our agreement has made you weak.  Over these past years I’ve been producing 550 pounds of fish and making a small profit each year.  Now that many years have passed, I have created an enormous sum of wealth and plan on overthrowing the Sunahara family from power.  You will remain my husband but you must bow down to me, or I will have you executed.”  As Koji looks at his wife with weeping eyes.  “You would really have me destroyed Masami?  Your own husband, your lifelong companion?”  “Yes” Masami states in a hissing voice, I don’t want to but I will if you don’t recognize my power right now.”  Koji replies, “I feel bad for you Masami Harada.  A woman with so much beauty should not have so much sadness and hatred in her.  However, I have known about your plan since the beginning of our agreement.  I thought that maybe if you loved me throughout the years that you would never turn on me.  But I see now that this is not the case.  Masami, I have been producing 600 pounds over the years as opposed to your 550 pounds.  It’s sad to think that we did not maximize profits.  We could have each made profits of ten million yen a year.  Instead, your lies and deceit has caused my family to generate only eight million yen while your family was generating seven million.  As you can see from the situation and from what you learned in Foldvaryhara’s teachings, our families could have made more profit if we abided by the original agreement.”  “NOOOOOOO”, Masami shrills.  “How could this happen?” Koji yells, “GUARD!!!!!!!  Take Masami away.”  The guard then turns to Koji and asks, “Should I execute her my lord?”  Koji takes a long look at him and replies, “No, that’s the difference between her and I.  I do not have hatred within me.  It is better to let things go then to hold grudges from the past.  People eventually have to accept change.”