Mr. Sparkle

Extra Credit Assign

Econ 12- Foldvary


Pineapple Plantation


            As I walked toward the small cottage in the middle of the forest, I felt nervous and anxious.  It was the first sign of civilization I had seen since I got to this mysterious land.  I felt relieved that there was finally someone I could seek help from.  As I approached the cottage, I heard music coming from within the house.  It was cold out so I hurried to the front door stumbling on the steps.  I knocked gently on the front door and within a few seconds, the door slowly opened.  A petite woman came to the door and invited me inside.

            “Where am I,” I asked her.  She glared at me almost as if I was crazy.  “We’re on the Pineapple Plantation, of course,” she answered.  She told me that her name was Polly.  “My name is Richard,” I told her.  She explained to me that Pineapple Plantation was an island where pineapples were their main source of income.  They sold pineapples to other islands as well as products made from pineapples such as ice cream, shampoo, soaps, and other various products.  “We’re known for our famous pineapples, without them, we would have nothing to offer the other islands for trade,” she explained.  “It’s what we’re best at making.”  I wondered how I got there but was interested in learning about this new environment.

            As I looked around the room, it was filled with people working hard cooking and making pineapple souvenirs.  “Is this some kind of factory,” I asked.  “Yes, we are work here about 12 hours a day and are paid for our time.”  She told me that although they are paid for their work, they are required to compensate their leader, a powerful group called the Tnemnrevog.  “Wait, after you work 12 hours a day, you have to give a percentage of your hard earned money to your leader?  Well, that’s ridiculous,” I exclaimed.  “The Tnemnrevog does much for us and they take care of us, we don’t mind giving them a percentage of our wage,” she told me.  I wanted her to explain to me what the Tnemnrevog has done for her personally.  She told me that when she was out of a job a few years ago, the Tnemnrevog gave her money to support herself and would do it for any of its citizens.  “The Tnemnrevog also protects us from any harm,” she explained.  “Plus, they make people who don’t give them wages and disobey any of their rules disappear, they simply vanish!”  “Plus, the Tnemnrevog runs this here factory.  It is the only factory that produces pineapple products and they are the only ones who have access to the pineapple fields.  Other companies have tried to open new factories but either didn’t have sufficient funds or went out of businesses because it was too costly.”  This seemed simply bazaar to me but I decided to not ask Polly about it, I didn’t want to seem too nosy.    The Tnemnrevog seemed to have too much power; they took people’s hard earned wages and ran the entire pineapple industry. 

            I began to feel tired and weak.  Finally I decided to take a rest while Polly prepared some delicious pineapple snacks.  I slowly closed my eyes and dosed off.  As I opened my eyes again, the atmosphere felt different.  The air was warm and comfortable.   I was no longer in Pineapple Plantation.  I was in my own room again realizing that my experience in the Pineapple Plantation was all a bazaar dream.  I was so relieved to be back, happy to be back in reality.  As he reflected his experience on the strange island, he was glad to be back in his home.  Reflecting on my interesting dream, I thought to myself, “Boy, am I glad that we don’t have a dominating group like the Tnemnrevog who forces a percentage of our wages on them and doesn’t allow other outside competition!”