Beyond Neoclassical Economics

Heterodox Approaches to Economic Theory

Edited by Fred E. Foldvary, has taught economics in Latvia, Virginia Tech, and California State University at Hayward and currently teaches at John F. Kennedy University and Santa Clara University, California, US
Beyond Neoclassical Economics is a remarkable introduction to the main heterodox schools of economic thought which examines their main concepts and their critiques of mainstream theory.

The aim of this major book is not only to understand the thought, methodology, and approach of various economic schools, but also to explain why there are different approaches to economics and how the different schools relate to one another.

Contents: Foreword (W.J. Samuels) Introduction (F.E. Foldvary) 1. Comparative Economic Theory (F.E. Foldvary ) 2. What is wrong with Neoclassical Economics (and what is still wrong with Austrian economics)(P. Boettke) 3. Geo-Economics (K. Feder) 4. The Virginia School of Political Economy (C.K. Rowley, M.A. Vachris) 5. The Institutional Approach to Political Economy (C. Whalen) 6. Feminist Economics: Let Me Count the Ways (U. Grapard) 7. Humanist Economics: From Homo Economicus to Homo Sapiens (G.A. Smith) 8. Nondeterminist Marxism: the Birth of a Postmodern Tradition in Economics (J. Amariglio, A. Callari, S. Resnick, D. Ruccio, R. Wolff) 9. Foundational Economics (F.E. Foldvary) 10. Dialogues in Economics (F.E. Foldvary, K. Feder, C. Whalen) Index
Contributors include: J. Amariglio, P. Boettke, A. Callari, K. Feder, F.E. Foldvary, U. Grapard, S. Resnick, C.K. Rowley, D. Ruccio, W.J. Samuels, G.A. Smith, M.A. Vachris, C. Whalen, R. Wolff

UK Publication Hardback October 1996 208 pp 1 85898 395 9 55.00
US Publication Hardback December 1996 $80.00